Rock Park

For the City of Sparks, established in 1904, the railroad has always been an important influence on the development and history of the city. Sparks was given the nickname “Rail City”, a moniker it wears proudly to this day. The nickname “Railroaders” comes from the railways that cross through the city of Sparks, and the artefacts of that nickname can be seen throughout the community. It is still the official Sparks High School mascot. Other strong influences on the city include the employment opportunities and landscape changes associated with mining and ranching respectively, both of which have influenced parks in the area.
Rock Park, located in the City of Sparks, has been a fixture of the community since the 1970’s. Thanks to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Land and Water Conservation Fund, Rock Park was funded and secured as a recreational area along the Truckee River. Popular activities include biking along the Tahoe Pyramid Trail, white water rafting and kayaking, and using the playground.

Not only is Rock Park a popular spot for outdoor activities, it is also located in close proximity to many historic landmarks in Sparks. Just north of the park, near the intersection of Victorian Ave and Pyramid Way, is a small railroad station where the Chamber of Commerce has provided information about how the region’s history revolves around the transcontinental railroad. In fact, the city was originally named after a railroad tycoon, Harrison, before being renamed to honor Nevada Governor John T. Sparks.

The oldest schoolhouse in the Truckee Meadows, The Glendale School, is also located just two miles from Rock Park. While this is not its original location, it holds a high degree of historic importance to the community; the building is still owned by the Washoe County School District and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Another famous Sparks landmark that has since been moved elsewhere is The Harrah’s Automobile Museum; originally located less than a mile from Rock Park. The automobile museum is now located in downtown Reno.



1515 S Rock Blvd, Sparks


8 AM- sunset


Car, ADA


Paved parking lot


Walk along Truckee River

Benches, playground

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