Lockwood Trailhead

Guru Road is a quirky and remote drive that functions as a gallery for folk artist Dewayne “Doobie” Williams to display his homemade artwork. He built all of the installations between 1978 and 1992. The mile long dirt road is located just north of the town of Gerlach and is lined with rocks inscribed with the names of locals, their witticisms, and other folksy sayings. Along the road some larger installations were erected to commemorate Elvis Presley, Ground Zero, and other subjects meaningful to the artist. Some of the largest pieces are a wedding chapel and the Desert Broadcasting System, a small structure with old and broken television screens as windows. Following Williams death in 1995, the Bureau of Land Management granted his family rights to the road so they could ensure the continued existence of the road and that the memory of their family member was not lost.



981-1841 Lockwood Rd, Sparks, NV 89434


6 AM- 6 PM


Car, ADA


Dirt Parking Lot


Hiking, fishing, birdwatching

Restrooms, picnic tables, benches