Kooyoue Panunadu Overlook

Located off Highway 445, the Kooyoue Panunadu Overlook is a historical marker that overlooks Pyramid Lake, the picturesque and beautiful desert lake covers 112,000 acre surface. This spectacular lake features unique and distinctive tufa rock formations and stunning landscapes. Pyramid Lake is the largest remnant of the once enormous Lake Lahontan which engulfed most of northern Nevada in 13,070 BP.

The lake is home to the Northern Paiute tribe or the kuyuidokada, meaning cui-ui eaters, who inhabited the area for over 10,000 years. The lake is also the habitat of the endangered cui-ui fish and the threatened Lahontan Cutthroat trout. Tribal lands feature cultural landscapes that are more than just physical features, these locales possess intangible spiritual attributes that are important to the kuyuidokada. These areas; however; are closed to the general public.

This overlook is ADA accessible; however, there is no restrooms and cell service is spotty. Visitors can travel into Sutcliffe for restroom facilities, food, fuel, fishing licenses and day-use and camping permits.



Located off Highway 445


Sunrise - sunset


Car, ADA


Pull out on side of Pyramid Highway

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Enjoy the views of Pyramid Lake